The provincial board

MATTHEW DUCHARME - Provincial Chief

Matthew was born and raised in Essex, Ontario, and has been elected as the Ontario Provincial Chief Squire for a second term, the 2019-20 fraternal year. Matthew was first elected to the Provincial Board in 2017 after joining the Columbian Squires in 2014 and becoming an active member of Alex Chevrier Circle 3064, Essex. He currently attends St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic Secondary School in LaSalle, Ontario. Matthew is an active member of Holy Name of Jesus Church in Essex, Ontario, where he is heavily involved, especially in music ministry. Matthew strives to continue the improvement of the communication between the circles and the Provincial Board. His trust in Our Lord allows him to work with the Provincial Board as he guides circles and encourages young men to join our organization. He hopes to grow the Columbian Squires of Ontario through his leadership and prayer, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If you wish to contact Matthew, please email him at

AIDEN D’SOUZA - Provincial Deputy Chief

Aiden D’Souza is the Provincial Deputy Chief Squire for the 2019-2020 fraternal year. He is 15 years old, is in 10th grade and lives in Mississauga attending Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Secondary School. He has been a part of the squires program since 2014 and has assisted in the positions of Deputy Chief and Chief in his circle. Currently he holds the position of Chief of his circle St. John Berchmans #5570. As well, last fraternal year he was appointed the position of Provincial Circle Chairmen. He enjoys hockey and plays competitively and is part of groups such as HOSA in his school. Aiden understands that the squires program is a part of him and makes him feel closer to God while making new long lasting relationships with others all while doing good in his community and is excited to be a part of the amazing provincial board this year. He cannot wait to meet all the new people and squires from around the province, and is ready to work hard for another fun year. If you have any questions email Aiden at


JEREMY LOPEZ - provincial notary

Jeremy Lopez is the Provincial Notary for this fraternal year. He is 15 years old, currently lives in Toronto, and is a member of St Dominic Savio #5217 in Rexdale. He attends Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School, where he is in the ninth grade.  He joined the Squires program when he was 10 years old. Jeremy has previously served on the Provincial Board as Membership Committee Chairman. Locally, he has been very active with his circle. In his Parish, St Andrew, Jeremy is an altar server and is very active with his parish community. Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family. He has an older sister; and older brother who is also a squire.  He truly admires his mother and father and looks forward to following his father’s footsteps of becoming a Fourth Degree Knight. His personal goal this fraternal year is to meet and make friends with squires from around the province.

JENS DEKKER - provincial bursar

Jens Dekker is the Provincial Bursar Squire for the upcoming fraternal year 2018-19. He has been a part of S.K. Leonard T. Smith # 4742 since 2013, where he has served as the Sentry Squire for 2 years and Bursar Squire for 3 years. Jens was born in the Netherlands and was raised there for 6 years before moving to Canada. His favourite classes in school are Mathematics and the Sciences. Besides being a Squire, he is an avid contestant in many business competitions including DECA and enjoys participating in his school’s wrestling team. Jens is excited to work with the Provincial Board to make this year one to remember. 

NIGEL SANTAMARIA - provincial marshal

Nigel is the provincial Marshal squire this fraternal year. He is 16 and in grade 11, attending Monsignor Percy Johnson catholic secondary school in Rexdale. He has been a squire for 6 years and is now the Notary Squire at the St.Dominic Savio circle # 5217 in St.Benedicts church. Before that he served as the Marshal and Sentry squire. As well as last fraternal year, he was appointed as the Spiritual Committee Chairman. He also has an older brother who served as a Marshall right before him at St.Benedicts. The squires program helped shape him into a better catholic, strengthen his faith, and become a better person overall. He enjoys video games and chess. He is currently on the leadership, robotics, and head of the tech team. He is excited to be the new Provincial Marshall this Fraternal year. 

DAVID SALDANHA - provincial sentry

David Saldanha is the Provincial Sentry Squire for the 2019-20 fraternal year. He lives in Mississauga and attends Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School. He is 15 and in the 10th grade. Since 2014, David has played an active role in the Squires Program of which he is a proud member. David the Marshall Squire of St. John Berchmans Circle #5570. Locally, he has held the positions of Chief Squire, Deputy Chief Squire, Marshall Squire, & Sentry Squire. He enjoys meeting new Squires and hopes to meet many around the province this year. David strives to make the lives of those around him better & to further the developments of his community & his circle.

JEREMIE BORNAIS - Past Provincial Chief

Jeremie Bornais is the Past Provincial Chief Squire for this fraternal year. He is 18 years old, currently lives in Amherstburg, and belongs to the John Brazill Circle #1385  in McGregor . He attends General Amherst High School, where he is in the twelfth grade. The Squires has always been an important part of Jeremie’s life, ever since he joined when he was 10 years old. Jeremie has served on the Provincial Board for four years now. Last year, he served as the Provincial Chief Squire, two years ago, he served as the Provincial Notary Squire, and three years ago, he served as the Provincial Marshal Squire. Locally, he has served in the positions of Sentry, Marshal, Notary, and Deputy Chief Squire. At his home Parish, St. John the Baptist, Jeremie is an altar server, and has helped to organize a variety of materials for Parish events. He is also a part of the Youth Commision at his parish. Going forward, Jeremie hopes to be able to lead the Squires in a way that makes the program available to all Catholic youth.

Provincial Father Prior


Fr. Jacques Labelle is the Provincial Board Father Prior. He is not new to the organization of the Columbian Squires. Fr. Jacques was a Squire himself during his teen years. He was also elected to the Provincial Board many years ago. It is with great pleasure that we welcome him back.
Fr. Jacques is a priest of the Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese. He presently resides at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Cornwall. Father has been a priest for 25 years with the diocese. Fr. Jacques enjoys many things in life, but his new-found passion is performing with the Seaway Valley Theater Company in upcoming Broadway Musicals. When you meet Fr. Jacques, you will notice the joy that he radiates to all those around him.


Kurtis dale - Circle chaiR

Hello, my name is Kurtis Dale and I am the Provincial Circle Committee Chairman for the 2019-20 Fraternal Year. I am 15 years old and in grade 11 at St. Paul’s Catholic Secondary School. I am the current Chief Squire of the Father Justin Hanley Circle 5219 located in Trenton, ON. I have previously served as a Deputy Chief Squire and as ….Squire. In my spare time I enjoy curling, skiing, kayaking and camping. I am looking forward to this year working with both my local circle of Squires and the Provincial Board Squires.


Matthew Dekold is serving as the Provincial Service Chairman.
Matt is 14 years old and the youngest of 4 kids. Matt is from the Constable John Atkinson Circle 5147 Kingsville, where he has held the positions of Sentry Squire for two terms, Deputy Chief Squire for one term, Notary for one term and is currently Deputy Chief Squire. Through the Squires program, Matt made many new friends and learnt the importance of responsibility. Despite him being young, he is excited to follow in the footsteps of his two older brothers and serve on the Provincial Board!


Nathan Nambiar is a 16-year-old Gr. 11 Student at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School, and is currently serving as the Provincial Board Membership Chairman. He is a member of St. John Berchmans Circle 5570 and is currently serving as the Notary Squire. He enjoys public speaking, playing volleyball, and binge-watching the latest Netflix shows! At his parish, St. Josephine Bakhita, he serves as a lector for the 5 pm mass. He has served as the Provincial Board Circle Chairmen in the past, and is excited to serve as the Membership Chairman this year.

PAUL JEZIERSKI - Spiritual chair

Paul Jezierski is serving as the Provincial Board Spiritual Chairmen for the 2019-2020 year. He is 15 years old and in grade 10. He has been homeschooled all his life. Paul joined Constable John Aktinson Circle #5147 Kingsville when he was 10, and has held the positions of Sentry, Marshall, and Chief Squire. Paul’s favorite things to do are playing soccer, biking, playing music, spending time outdoors and writing stories.. He is excited to see what this year serving on the PB will bring!


Provincial State TEAM


Service above Self is the motto that Narciso lives by. Narciso has been a member with the Knights of Columbus for 20 years. He helped form the St. John Berchmans Squires Circle at his parish – St. Josephine Bakhita in Mississauga. He is also very much involved with his Church & Rotary International.
Social work is Narciso’s passion which is clearly demonstrated in the various volunteer opportunities that he has undertaken. For the beginning of his Circle’s development, he worked as the Chief Counselor and has since passed on that responsibility to focus on other pursuits. He was the Grand Knight for his Council ( 2014 -2016 ) at his parish, and his Council was the recipient of two consecutive Star Council awards during his tenure. He is also the Past President of the Rotary Club of Mississauga - Meadowvale.


Enzo has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for 12 years. He helped re-institute Gerald Emmitt Cardinal Carter Circle at St Patrick’s Church in 2011. Enzo worked on making his circle stronger by recruiting younger boys after a large turnover of graduating Squires & helped his circle win the Circle of the year in 2014 & numerous awards after. In 2016, Enzo joined the Ontario Provincial Board as Area Chairman for Metro West. Enzo focuses on circles strengths & coaching executive teams to be more efficient in their roles. Enzo’s passion for the Squire program is to see Squires & Circles strive for excellence & growth. Enzo has held several positions in his Council 12782 - Spiritual Director, Inside Guard, Warden, Advocate & Chancellor. Enzo’s background is in Marketing & Inventory for retail chains. His hobbies are fishing, gardening, classic cars & the rosary. Enzo is married to Karen, who helps Enzo in supporting the Squire program by encouraging him to make circle visits & attend board meetings. Enzo goals is to make circles successful in Ontario.


Ken and his wife, Bernadette have been heavily involved within their Council, Church and the Squires program for more than 30 years. Ken has held several positions in his Council, up to and including Grand Knight. He started working with the Squires program in his own Circle, and has since served as an Area Chairman, Assistant State Director, and State Director throughout his many years.
Ken and Bernadette have continued their commitment to the Squires program as they have witness the growth and development of the young men that they have worked with at both the local and provincial levels. They highly encourage all Knights of Columbus Councils to invest in the advancement of the Squires program.

Bruce Poulin - KOC State BOARD Liaison

Born to a working class French Canadian family in the Vanier Ward in Ottawa, Bruce Poulin followed in the footsteps of three family generations before him and joined the Canadian Armed Forces where he served for 22 years. He retired in 2001 and spent the next 15 years of his time advocating on behalf of Veterans and their families through various organizations. In 2002 and 2012, the Governor General of Canada awarded Bruce the Queen Elizabeth II Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals respectively, as well as the Sovereign’s Volunteer Medal in 2016 – all for his exceptional community work.
Bruce is particularly proud about his involvement with the Knights of Columbus community in Ontario, where has been an active member since 2007.  After holding various positions at his local Council and being appointed a District Deputy, Bruce was elected to the KOC State Board in 2015. Since then, he has held various positions including State Board Liaison to the Ontario Squires, his current position.

Area chairmen

Ulric Renaud


Enzo Catarina
-Metro West


Marc McDonald
-Toronto NORTH


Gus Morrissey
-South East


JoJo Gomez
-Metro East



New circle development chairmen

Dennis Metz
-Toronto East


David Fisher
-Toronto West


Steve Benson