What is its Importance?

The logo

As each Squire has learned in their investiture, the individual components of our logo has its own unique significance to the Columbian Squires.

The surrounding circle of our logo is adorned with our motto, "Esto Dignus" which means "Be Worthy". The circle itself is meant to represent the Circles that form our Order, that every Squire exists as part of something greater than themselves.

The "S" on the upper arm of the cross is representative of the spiritual development that Squires undertake throughout the course of their journeys with their Circle and their Church.
The "P" on the lower arm of the cross is representative of the physical development that is essential for every person, and that exists as the basis for good hygiene and healthy living habits.
The "I" on the left arm of the cross is representative of the intellectual development, that the journey through Squiredom is meant to nurture not just the spirit and the body, but the mind as well.
The "C" on the right arm of the cross is representative of the civic development, that no one person can on their own, and that Squires should be focused on improving their community and family as well.

The "S" on the center of the cross represents two important things: Squires, and service.
The large "C" is representative of Christ, our ultimate role model as young Christian men.
The "K" in the center of the shield stands for Knights, as the Knights of Columbus act as the sponsors and mentors for the Columbian Squires.

To download the Squires logo, please click on the link here.