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Provincial Board  participated in the 10K  Mississauga Marathon and raised $750 for Catholic Missions. 

Provincial Board members attending the Annual 2018 Ontario Knights of Columbus Convention.

Provincial Board Members bonding over cooking class conducted by Area Chairman - Enzo Caterina

Provincial Board members Christmas get-together at KOC District Deputies Meeting

Unity  Cross Mass held on 29th October 2017 at St. Clement Church in McGregor ON.

Chief Counsellor Workshop in Mississauga 2017

Provincial Board - 'We jammin' I hope you like jammin' too...

The Provincial Board Installation at St. Josephine Bakhita Parish in Mississauga 2017

The Provincial Board  at a bowling alley in Mississauga

The Provincial Board at the official 2017-2018 changeover in Mississauga, Ontario

The Provincial Board on a visit to Cornwall, with the Provincial Father Prior - Fr. Jacques Labelle. Our thanks to the Knights of Columbus Saint Andrews Council #10416 .

The 2017-18 Provincial Board at the KOC District Deputy Installation dinner in Windsor, Ontario

The dinner for the KOC State Board and DD's, hosted by the Provincial Board, in McGregor