A position on the Provincial Board is a great way to grow in Leadership and Faith while forming lifelong bonds with your peers. Candidates should consider serving on the Provincial Board for at least a period of 2 years to benefit from these skills.


  • Every Squire is entitled to run for a position on the Provincial Board as long as:

    • He served at least one year or has a current position in his local circle.

    • He submits the appropriately signed permission forms available at the following link.

    • He must be under the age of 18 as of July 1st of the election year. He can turn 18 while in office and still complete his term on Provincial Board.

  • Nominators can suggest a candidate for a position. They are permitted to take upto one minute, to speak why the candidate they are nominating, is qualified for that position.

  • The State Director must receive the signed acknowledgment from each candidate, his parents and Chief Counselor indicating that the Squire will accept the position he is running for, before being elected.

  • Due date for submission of the Provincial Board Candidate Acknowledgement Form is May 1st and is available for download by clicking on the following link.

Candidate’s Meeting:

  • This meeting takes place at Convention on Saturday afternoon following lunch and is mandatory for all Candidates and their Chief Counselor or Counselor-in-charge.

  • It is run by past Chief Squire and current members of the Provincial Board.  

  • Please consult the State Director or Area Chairmen for any clarifications.


  • Candidates cannot use promotional material until the first business meeting at Convention has concluded.

  • Candidate Counselors-in-charge are required to supervise their circle candidates and campaign assistants.

  • Can be done though meeting fellow squires, distributing pamphlets & campaign posters.

  • Posters and pamphlets can be affixed in the Hospitality Suite, using your own display boards.

  • Permission must be obtained from fellow squire room occupants before posting anything on their room doors. Use of duct tape is not permitted.

  • Campaign materials cannot be posted on any walls.

  • Damaging or removing a candidate’s campaign materials without permission is prohibited.  Offenders will be held responsible for their actions and sent home.

  • Other candidates, campaign posters cannot be removed by anyone other than Area Chairman or the State Squires Director.

  • The Provincial Board and its affiliates cannot endorse candidates running for the Provincial Board. Likewise, no campaign material can be printed on Provincial Board material and cannot be posted on the Provincial Board’s hotel room doors.


  • Elections are conducted through secret ballots and will take place during the second business meeting of Convention on Sunday morning.

  • Every Circle in good standing and in attendance gets four votes whether there are four delegates seated or not.

  • The Provincial Board is entitled to seven votes whether there are seven officers seated or not.  (Six current board members and the Provincial Father Prior.)

  • Candidates will be asked to speak in order of nominations - bottom to top of the list.

  • A count-down timer will be displayed on the screen and each candidate will be given five minutes to speak during their first campaign speech.

  • A drop down format is used, this means that if a candidate isn’t elected for one position, he is automatically in the running for the remaining positions, and his name is added to the bottom of the list. He also has the choice to decline his nomination for any other positions.

  • Any such candidate, will be granted two minutes to speak at each subsequent nomination, thereafter.  

  • A candidate is elected if he gets a two-thirds majority. If no one gets a majority and there are three or more candidates, the least-voted candidate is dropped from the running.

  • The State Team, Area Chairmen scrutinize the elections. They distribute the ballots, count them and notify the Election Chair – Past Provincial Chief Squire.

  • An election can be protested for any reason if a notice of protest is written, signed and delivered to the State Squires Director before the close of the meeting in which the election took place.

 Best wishes to all candidates, seeking to get elected. You will embark on a journey that you will remember for your lifetime.